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Description of Talking Squirrel

Squirrels are so much fun, they are truly unique and special! They always go about their business, always searching for nuts, and just looking adorable! Now we have the perfect entertainment for you that will make you happy to have a new virtual hero in the forest. Download free Talking Squirrel game app on your smartphone, and you will get a pet that you will love immediately. This animal lives in a big house with many rooms. There are many interesting items there, so the squirrel has a trampoline where he can jump and have a lot of fun! Talk to your hero and he will repeat your exact same words. The squirrel will show you some of his fantastic dance moves, so get ready for a surprise!

The latest talking game application is perfect for people of all ages, everyone will enjoy the company of the coolest squirrel ever. But first you and your pet have to collect coins together to unlock the other rooms, just try fantastic top mini games. In Jumpy Squirrel you will jump together on endless platforms, and try to achieve the maximum height. Open popular Pizza Defense and try to protect this delicious food from the attack of nasty insects such as spiders and other bugs. Keep safe butterflies and ladybugs, they will try to help you in your mission. In Squirrel Smash, take a hammer and hit the animals as soon as you see them come out of the pit. Play Squirrel Jump and just tap the platform that you want your hero to jump. Wait till you see his amazing playground! That is the place where his favourite activities are to play with the ball, and to jump on a trampoline. In the best talking game you will realize that the squirrel is very meticulous, he has a bathroom where he can brush his teeth and take a bath, so that later he can wipe with the towel. A truly awesome pet! Take him to the gym regularly, do not let him neglect his training routine. You can make him run or walk on the treadmill. Give him weights and watch him exercise and brings into shape. Slap the squirrel gently to see his reaction! When you think that this cute animal is ready for sleep, just put him in the bedroom and turn off the lights. Your little buddy should get some rest. The horn will wake him up! Come into living room, open the drawer and little yellow ducks will getting out. Tap the vase to see flowers come out, and the balloons will appear if you tap the chandelier. You can share with your friends on social networks to let them know about your new pet. With the best talking squirrel, everyone will be entertained, so do not hesitate and download the latest game free of charge.

How to play Talking Squirrel game app:

 Play mini games to collect more coins

 Talk to the squirrel and he will repeat your words

 Take the squirrel to the gym

 Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep

 Tickle and slap the squirrel for fun

The top talking squirrel game app is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, there is no doubt that children will love their virtual friend. It is so addictive and easy to play with it, and he will become popular in short time. Do not hesitate and show everyone your amazing pet. Navigate your cool hero through his daily activities and enjoy taking care of this little bundle of fur!

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